Totally clean my computer!!!!!!!!!?

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How can I totally clean out a computer, it's full of files and junk from the previous owner?

I would suggest the you do a clean format and do a fresh re-installation of the OS if you can.If you don't want to do that. Then you try the following:1) Remove useless programs from add/remove in ... Read More »

I would like to know how does one totally clean out a hard drive?

i've already posted this answer,but to answer your question,i'm posting it again,somewhat modified to fit your here goes...first you have to understand how your hard drive works.inside... Read More »

Totally clean TV wall mount installation?

There are two ways to do this. One is to hire a local home theater pro:…If you want to do it yourself, you need to run all the satellite, cable, and HDMI w... Read More »

How can I totally be rid of my computer's web history?

If you want to download CCleaner, get it here-…choose Slim or Basic. it's free.when you open CCleaner, you will have options both in IE, firefox, Opera, Fl... Read More »