Toshiba Laptop Key Repair?

Answer Every once in a while, the keyboard on your Toshiba laptop may have keys fall off of it. Luckily, a broken key on your keyboard does not require the purchase of a brand new keyboard, making this re... Read More »

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Can GTA IV work on my laptop Toshiba Intel Inside. My laptop is using windows 8!?

Alexander, i need more information about your graphic gard, just stating 'intel inside' is not sufficient for me to tell you whether it will play or not.If it is intel hd 3000 or intel hd 4000 then... Read More »

Can you use a Sony laptop recovery disc on a Toshiba laptop?

You cannot use a Sony laptop recovery disc on a Toshiba laptop. Recovery discs are designed to look for markers within the computer (usually located within the BIOS) to identify whether the compute... Read More »

Can I use a Dell laptop monitor with a Toshiba laptop?

Generally, a laptop monitor is similar to a normal monitor in that they connect to a device using a VGA connector. If the Toshiba laptop has the appropriate connector for attaching a monitor, then... Read More »

How to Use the fn Key on a Toshiba Laptop?

The "Fn (function)" key on Toshiba laptops serves as a control to access many of the "function" keys along the top of the keyboard. Keys labeled F1 through F12 serve as function keys in addition to... Read More »