Toshiba HDTV: How to Change to 1080 From 480?

Answer Toshiba HDTV sets are programmed with picture resolution settings that allow you to adjust the video quality. A screen resolution of 1080 is the highest quality setting available. Standard definiti... Read More »

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What is better in HDTV, 720p or 1080?

You didn't specify 1080i or 1080p. A 1080i is a barely noticeable improvement over 720p but 1080p is definitely better than 720p.

How Do I Troubleshoot a Mitsubishi 65 HDTV Integrated 1080 Series?

Rear-projection televisions are the most price-effective high-definition option. Due to the size of the housing of the television and the space it consumes, rear-projection televisions tend to be u... Read More »

32" Toshiba Regza LCD HDTV?

Your number one problem is that you are not yet watching HD content. SD content is broadcasted with 480 lines of vertical resolution but your TV has over 720 vertical lines. Your TV must up-conver... Read More »

Samsung or Toshiba LED HDTV?

The Samsung LED models have a reputation for superior image quality on the high end. Toshiba is outsourcing it's components and panel and is not considered a good choice-even the cinema series you ... Read More »