Torsion Bar vs. Spring Suspension?

Answer Torsion bar suspensions may seem like outmoded technology, but they're far from extinct. While coil springs long ago came to dominate the automotive market, the simple, cheap and reliable torsion b... Read More »

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4 Link Suspension vs. Leaf Spring Suspension?

Leaf spring suspensions are the crocodiles of the automotive world: little-changed when all else in the world has evolved, but primordial for a reason. While multi-link suspensions may be dynamical... Read More »

How to Adjust the Torsion Bar Suspension?

The front-end torsion bar on vehicles has the unique design of stabilizing the front-end suspension by stiffening or loosening the pressure on the lower control arm. Since the control arm affects t... Read More »

How Torsion Bar Suspension Works?

If you have an Acura TL headlight that has become cloudy, foggy or otherwise impaired, it may not be necessary to have it replaced. There are some simple steps you can take to restore the lenses. C... Read More »

How to Lower Torsion Bar Suspension?

The front suspension on some 4X4 vehicles and older small trucks use a torsion bar instead of coil springs to determine the ride height of the vehicle. These torsion bars are adjustable so you can ... Read More »