Torrents aren't downloading anymore! (Utorrent)?

Answer A torrent download requires seeders. Seeders are basically other people in the world uploading that file to you so you're able to download it. Thus, more seeders = faster download speed for anyone ... Read More »

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How to Download Torrents Using Utorrent?

Wondering how to download Torrents using Utorrent but don't know how. Not to worry here is an simple article to help you do so.

Utorrent Won't Save Torrents?

BitTorrent Inc.'s uTorrent software is a popular file-sharing program with a simple user interface. Inexperienced uTorrent users sometimes have trouble locating files after they appear to have down... Read More »

Ipod headphones arent getting loud anymore?

You may have blown the speakers in your headphones. I often have that problem. Most likely, you'll just have to buy another pair because you can't fix that yourself.

Slow with downloading torrents?

What torrent program are you using? For Utorrent I went to youtube and there was a step by step video guide on what need to be tweaked. It very easy video to follow and now my torrent downloading ... Read More »