Torque Specifications for the 318 Dodge?

Answer The 318 was quite possibly the most popular small-block, eight-cylinder engine produced during the early to mid-1960s by Dodge, although the 318 was sometimes overshadowed by the 340 in high-perfor... Read More »

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Specifications for a 3.9 Crankshaft Torque in a Dodge?

The Dodge 3.9L V6 engine was first introduced in 1987 on the Dodge Dakota. The engine replaced the 318 V8 engine and is a part of the Dodge LA engine series.

Nut Torque Specifications?

Nuts and bolts shear at certain levels of force. The materials being joined can be damaged if too much torque is applied. You should always use a torque wrench for applying the proper amount of for... Read More »

Car Torque Specifications?

Car torque determines the power of a vehicle's engine, such as how fast it can go and how much it can pull. It is coupled with the horsepower, which sustains the power given to the engine by the to... Read More »

Specifications of a Fel-Pro Torque?

Gaskets help prevent leaks by sealing "leak paths" and filling in gaps between where fluids flow. Fel-Pro gaskets do not need to be torqued twice if the proper amount of torque is applied to them t... Read More »