Torque Specifications for Oil Pan Bolts?

Answer Engines have varying specifications for the amount of torque you need for fastening oil pan bolts. You should always consult the manufacturer's recommendations as to the proper torque to use on oil... Read More »

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Exhaust Bolts Torque Specifications?

The exhaust manifold allows the spent fuel/air mixture to leave the combustion chamber after ignition. It bolts to the cylinder head over the exhaust ports. The exhaust manifold and the cylinder h... Read More »

Torque Specifications of Rocker Arm Bolts?

On engines that use pushrods, rocker arms are levers responsible for transfer up-and-down motion from the camshaft (via the lifters and pushrods) to the valves. Overhead-camshaft engines typically ... Read More »

The Torque Specifications for ARP Head Bolts?

Automotive Racing Products (ARP) has been manufacturing high-performance vehicle fasteners since 1968. Depending on the fastener's tensile strength rating and diameter, the torque specifications fo... Read More »

Metric Torque Specifications for Bolts?

Manufacturers of bolts and/or machines establish torque specifications for their components and the nuts and bolts that hold them together. Bolt torque, the amount of force required to tighten a bo... Read More »