Torn ligament 8 years ago still causing me hell will I ever go back to normal?

Answer I'm right there with you !! On my 6th year with torn ankle ligaments and chronic pain. All the dr's and orthopedics I've been to, says the same thing: it takes about 10 years to heal completely. So... Read More »

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Will a darkened skin ever turn back to normal colour?

the reason your skin has gone darker is to protect itself. inside your skin there are special cells making melanin, which is of a dark pigment, and when your skin is exposed to uv light, (sunlight)... Read More »

Torn Ligament in my Ankle?

Need to have an X-rays Film of your ankle to assess the damages! Afterward, you must immobilize it (either with a Brace or a Cast) to let it heals. In a few days, your ankle will turn blue; this ... Read More »

Torn Hock Ligament in a Dog?

Dogs are active animals. Sometimes activity can cause a dog to tear a ligament or even the actual joint capsule. In either case, the tear can be quite painful for the dog. He needs aggressive veter... Read More »

If you can feel a torn ligament in a ankle?

If you have a torn ligament, you will be able to see overlying bruised areas and perhaps a hematoma.