Torn Tendons in Foot Recovery?

Answer Tendons act as connectors between muscles and bones. For example, the Achilles tendon is a primary connector in the foot, lying just between the calf muscle and heel bone. Each tendon consists of n... Read More »

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Torn tendons in hand, what can I do to..?

You can go for Physio-therapeutic treatment to cure the injured tendons.

How many tendons are in the foot?

Each foot contains ten tendons, which are responsible for flexing and extending the foot and toes, according to Northcoast Footcare. There are nine tendons in the foot itself: the extensor hallucis... Read More »

How to treat torn ligament in foot?

First, be sure it is a torn ligament. A doctor will need to examine it to be sure it is not a cracked or broken bone, or a bad sprain - all three of these things feel equally painful (actually I ha... Read More »

What should a foot that has torn ligaments look like when it is done healing?

it would probably look like a red line going down the inflicted area.