Torn Ligament in my Ankle?

Answer Need to have an X-rays Film of your ankle to assess the damages! Afterward, you must immobilize it (either with a Brace or a Cast) to let it heals. In a few days, your ankle will turn blue; this ... Read More »

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Torn ligament in ankle help?

Seriously, if I was you, I would go see the doctor / surgeon because this might be serious to both of yous.

If you can feel a torn ligament in a ankle?

If you have a torn ligament, you will be able to see overlying bruised areas and perhaps a hematoma.

My husband just found out his has a partial torn ligament and partial tibia fracture in his ankle.?

First off he doesn't have a tibia fracture in his ankle. The Tibial is your shin bone, not your ankle. So he either has a fracture of the Tibial or a fracture in his ankle but he does not have a ti... Read More »

How long it will take if I break my ankle ligament and undergo surgery It is a total ligament rupture. ?

I had the same surgery in march so about 5 months ago or 150 days. It has taken me about 120 days to start to walk a little normally and they reckon 9 months to feel fully. You ankle is healing nor... Read More »