Topsy Turvy Hairstyles?

Answer The Topsy Turvy Hair Tool, also called the TopsyTail, was a hair product introduced in the 1990s to assist in the creation of easy up-dos and ponytails at home. The tool consisted of a plastic poi... Read More »

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How can i make my own topsy turvy?

Topsy Turvy Planters were created to save time, space and effort put into gardening. With the upside down design, pets couldn't tear up the plants and weeds wouldn't get in the way. Creating a make... Read More »

How to Do a Topsy Turvy in Your Hair?

The topsy turvy is like the french braid. Only . . . not a braid. It's easy to do and does not take much time. In fact, to some people it's even easier then a normal braid!

How do I hang a Topsy Turvy tomato planter?

Select a stable beam to mount the hook for your Topsy Turvy planter. Use a beam and hook that can support 70 pounds of weight or more to prepare for a fully bloomed plant. Drill a hole for the scre... Read More »

Can you grow green beans in a Topsy Turvy?

Green beans will grow in a Topsy Turvy planter, but it is not a recommended method. You need to plant numerous green bean plants in order to grow enough for a significant harvest. This requires a l... Read More »