Topsy Tail Styles?

Answer In the 1990s, the Topsy Tail, a plastic stem topped with an open loop, began the Topsy Turvy style that is still going strong today. The Topsy Tail is an easy-to-use tool composed of a long stem wi... Read More »

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How to Use a Topsy Tail?

Topsy Tails have been on the hair scene since the 1990s. Girls and women with long hair have put this unusual tool to good use for making ponytails with a special twist. Although you can create the... Read More »

Topsy Tail Hairstyles?

Turning the classic ponytail upside down and inside out, the Topsy Tail allows you to achieve multiple looks with little effort. This hair tool hit the market in the 1990s and quickly gained popul... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Topsy Tail Hair?

The Topsy Tail was a product sold during the 1990s that flips a pony tail to make a dressier style. It's possible to do the topsy tail style without the tool. The actual tool is a loop on a stick. ... Read More »

I'm thinkin bout growing my hair out, like down to my butt. Does anyone still have a Topsy-Tail I can borrow?

No, I don't use 'em but I think your hair would look nice long if you wore it like the guy in this picture:…tee hee.....