Topics in Plant Genetics?

Answer Studies relating to plants often look at genetic makeup in to determine or study various traits. These traits may only affect the plant, or they may have a greater effect on the plant's surrounding... Read More »

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What are genetics?

== Answer ==passing on of characteristics from parent to offspring.

What is ADD and genetics?

AnswerADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder. It is primarily passed down through genetics. Most parents find out they have ADD or OCD (as they are opposites of one another) as a result of their... Read More »

Besides genetics and age,what causes wrinkles?

Over scrubbing can't cause wrinkles, but drinking too much alcohol can. The WORST for the skin, though, is the SUN ... people who stay out of the sun and don't try to tan, and who don't burn are m... Read More »

What Is Forensic Genetics?

Forensic genetics is the analysis of genetic markers (DNA) for legal purposes. The uses of forensic genetics include identifying biological samples from a crime scene, determining family relationsh... Read More »