Topics for a 2500 Word Paper?

Answer Choosing a topic is one of the most stressful parts of writing a paper. Even with a list of topics provided by a professor, there may be three or four that you are interested in or passionate about... Read More »

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Is a word processor in my Acer 2500 Series computer?

The Acer 2500 series comes equipped with Microsoft XP Home or Professional, according to Acer Support. These operating systems have WordPad and Notepad installed for basic word processing. The Acer... Read More »

Does the word paper come from the word papyrus?

The word "paper" does come from the word "papyrus." Invented by the ancient Egyptians, papyrus was a precursor to the paper that we use today. The Egyptians made papyrus scrolls by taking the inner... Read More »

How to Save Paper in Word Perfect or Microsoft Word?

While it's great to be able to print out multiple documents using a word processor, you end up wasting a lot of paper. However, you can avoid this by following a few tips that will help you actuall... Read More »

Topics for a Paper Presentation?

Unless otherwise instructed by your teacher or your boss, a topic for a paper presentation is a matter of personal choice. You should choose a topic that you already know something about and one th... Read More »