Topics for Kids to Write About in a Report?

Answer If your students have writer's block when starting to write a report in school, the first step of selecting a topic can seem like a brick wall in their path. The key is to choose a subject they are... Read More »

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Topics for a WWII Report?

Sparked by the German invasion of Poland in September, 1939, World War II was one of the bloodiest conflicts in world history. Raging in Europe and the Pacific, the war formally ended in 1945 with ... Read More »

Topics to Write About the Eye?

From the anatomy of a normal eye to eye diseases to optical difficulties, the eye has always been an organ of keen interest to researchers. Because of this, there is a world of information availabl... Read More »

Fun Presentation Topics for Kids?

Communication is a crucial skill, one that we begin developing as newborns. Babies use hand signals, sounds and facial expressions to communicate and signal their needs, and language continues to d... Read More »

The Best Speech Topics for Kids?

Children in school are often assigned a speech as part of their curriculum. Though the subject of some speeches is dictated by the class, when children study speech as a topic, they can select thei... Read More »