Topic for show & tell for 6 yr old?

Answer *Catch a caterpillar or insect in a jar, search for information on line, and the child can bring it to school to tell the class what it is and what he/she learned about it.*Find some interesting lo... Read More »

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Topic for a talk show?

What's a good topic for your talk show?

Bullying in school or drugs in schools. These are top priority right now. Also crime rates amongst teen girls (ganging up on one girl and kicking her half to death) and this is on the rise too. Res... Read More »

What is today's topic on the Dr. Phil show?

The Oprah Winfrey Show taping on nov 18 2009 what is the topic?

"Colbert" looks to be the talk show. I am not aware of the real answer because I have never heard of such thing, but when i search for it everything says that "Colbert" sponsors the US Speed Skatin... Read More »