Topic for a talk show?

Answer Cootie Testing

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What's a good topic for your talk show?

Bullying in school or drugs in schools. These are top priority right now. Also crime rates amongst teen girls (ganging up on one girl and kicking her half to death) and this is on the rise too. Res... Read More »

How do you submit a question to 702 radio talk show regarding their topic of discusion?

The question is submitted to the radio by sending an Email to the radio station

Are bodyguards available to accompany the victim after talk shows where the topic is abuse so that she can ensure that the abuser won't give her hell for what was said on the show?

Answer Talk shows aren't the best place to discuss your abuser. Some talk shows will provide you with a bodyguard while at the show and perhaps escorted back to where you are staying, but after th... Read More »

Do women who appear depressed and worthless on talk shows where the topic is abuse deep down feel that it is easier to feel that way than to show strength thus starting another fight?

Answer Don't ever underestimate an abused women. They are not weak! Until one has walked a mile in their shoes none of us have the right to ever consider they are stupid or weak. It isn't as sim... Read More »