Top ten reasons to fear the future and getting old,ohboy?

Answer Look on the bright side. You can have a great excuse to do all of this stuff:1) Acting sweet and Innocent 2) Wearing fly flots and telling everyone how comfortable they are3) Talking to your imagin... Read More »

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Eight Reasons Why a High School Diploma Is Important to My Future?

Getting a high school diploma is one of the most important things you can accomplish. A high school diploma plays an essential role in your life and serves as proof that you were able to complete a... Read More »

Childbirth - fear causes pain, fear can be overcome?

Oooh I read about this when I was pregnant, found it really interesting. I've not had time to read through everyone else's answers, so apologies if I'm repeating anyone. I read a book on hypnobirt... Read More »

I have a crippling fear of injections how can I get rid of the fear?

Just remember that it will be over in no time and breathe. Close your eyes and DO NOT TENSE UP. If you feel like you are going to faint put your head in between your knees and breathe.

How will the future tv affect us in the future?

No one can accurately predict the effects it may have.