Top Places to Take Pictures in Bali?

Answer Choosing top places to take pictures in Bali, one of the most visited islands in Indonesia, is as difficult as it is a subjective task. However, the island has beauty spots to please all eyes and p... Read More »

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Places to take prom pictures in Atlanta area?

What about gathering everyone at your home and hire a photographer. They are really cheap now. Tell them what you are trying to do and see what they suggest such as lighting or back drop. Good Luck... Read More »

Where are good places to take pictures in Columbus Ohio?

Creek Side without a doubt is the best place ever and awesome in the fall!

Nice places to take wedding pictures with a nice scenery?

find a nice city park. one with a pond/trees n' such would be the best. How cute would a pic of the bride and groom swinging on a swing set holding hands be? awww...

Who is a person called when they take pictures with a special machine to take pictures of bones?