Top Hair Products for Perm Damage?

Answer Permanent hair waves, or perms, are harsh chemical processes that break disulfide bonds, the sulfur molecules that link proteins to form hair's structure. These proteins, called keratin, compose mo... Read More »

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How to Use Hair Perm Products?

Hair perm products are generally easy to use as most products come with instructions. Follow the instructions thoroughly in order to get the best possible results from your perm. You may want to co... Read More »

How to Perm Black Hair With Natural Products?

African American hair can be very challenging when it comes to perming. Stronger chemicals are recommended when it comes to African American perming due to the type of hair that African Americans h... Read More »

Can Hair-Color Products Damage Eyes?

Hair-color products are used by women (and some men) from many parts of the world, some because they want to make a drastic statement, and some simply to enhance their appearance. Those allergic to... Read More »

Products to Protect Hair From Flat Iron Damage?

Damage from heat is one of the main reasons why hair breakage occurs. Most experts recommend not using flat irons on the hair more than once a week. This could be quite difficult for some hair styl... Read More »