Top Four Most-Used Internet Search Engines?

Answer Although the primary job of a search engine is to provide users with the information they request, the top four most-used Internet search engines have different ways in which they offer that inform... Read More »

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Are Internet search engines effective?

On One Hand: Information OverloadAccording to the Media Awareness Network, search engines index information by keywords and images. They scan the Internet and create databases of millions of web pa... Read More »

Who invented the Internet search engines?

Alan Emtage invented the first Internet search engine in 1990. Emtage was a university student at the time and developed the search engine to catalog files on File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers. ... Read More »

How to Get the Best Results with Internet Search Engines?

Still searching the internet? Follow these suggestions to refine your search and obtain specific information on your desired subject.

Top Internet Image Search Engines?

One of the Internet's most popular features is the ability to search for images related to almost any subject. Whether researching color schemes, finding assets for a design project or compiling p... Read More »