Top 5 Tablets YOU would reccomend.?

Answer there's more than 5 out there. there's more than 5 out there? what do you think?

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I've taken 13 tablets of Extra Strength tablets within 12 hours so far in 12 hours, what will happen?

this is perfectly alright. you are just killing your liver and probably doing untold damage to your stomach but since they can replace your liver and you can always go on a liquid diet go ahead an... Read More »

Reccomend me a new pc case?

Rosewill cases at Newegg give you the most for your money. I would get a mid tower with 3 or 4 case fans for good cooling. Nothing else really matters much unless you like the way one looks better.... Read More »

Please reccomend what RAM memory to buy?

when your computer starts up after you shut it down - it starts up several programs that it thinks you'll need ready. Programs like quicktime, divx, bitcomet, yahoo messenger, etc. All these progra... Read More »

Which router would you reccomend?

Hi,Go with BUFFALO AirStation High Power N300. My friend is using it and said that he is satisfied and it is worth 78$. Since, January he is using it and purchased from Amazon. I am not sure about ... Read More »