Top 3 Inventions From Kenya?

Answer Without a lot of fanfare or expensive exhibitions, many useful and creative inventions have come out of Kenya as of late, including a refrigerator not requiring electricity and an alarm to keep you... Read More »

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How long is the flight from Miami to Kenya?

According to popular online travel aid Expedia, as of July 11, 2010, a flight from Miami Airport to Nairobi, Kenya takes from approximately 19 hours to approximately 40 hours. The difference arises... Read More »

How to Prevent Your Car from Getting Stolen in Kenya?

Automatic Vehicle Location DeviceKenya is one of the sub-saharan African countries with among the biggest road networks and driving is a great way to get around. Car thieves and carjackers however ... Read More »

What is the flight time from Dubai to Kenya?

The travel time span from Dubai to Kenya is about 4-1/2 hours. This will vary by the specific destination. The trip to Nairobi takes just under 4 hours, according to the Dubai to Nairobi Flight Tim... Read More »

Do you need vaccinations travelling from England to Kenya?

yes you do, because of all the dieases and stuffuu would have to get some like..hepatitus a+b,typoid,yellow fever,polio,rabies, tenatus (if uu havent already had it) and measles (MMR).hope this cle... Read More »