Toothpaste on a burn?

Answer Don't use it on normal burns. Especially second and third degree burns. Mint oils can harm the tender skin. What the toothpaste remedy is probably referring to are 'nettle burns' which you get when... Read More »

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How to Find Toothpaste That Doesn't Burn?

If strong mint-flavored toothpaste is a problem for you, there are other kinds available.

How does putting toothpaste on a burn help it heal?

To jbrizzle: bases cancel out acids. So if you burn yourself with an acid a base will cancel it. But if it's a heat burn, not a chemical burn, you don't want a base; strong bases can cause burns ju... Read More »

Does toothpaste with whitener whiten teeth more than regular toothpaste?

On One Hand: There Might Be Some ChangeMany studies have been performed on whitening toothpastes and some indicate a minimal change in tooth color. In 2006, a Consumer Reports study resulted in a s... Read More »

With a whitening toothpaste should I be using a normal toothpaste aswell?

If you want white teeth, buy some strawberries and use the skin to polish your teeth. It works pretty well.If they're really stained, try baking soda and lemon juice. Put some baking soda on a toot... Read More »