Toothache when drinking chilled drink?

Answer Try buying some Sensodyne toothpaste for now. When you're back from vacation, you need to go to the dentist. You could have a cavity.

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Doesn't it taste different when drinking a soft drink out of a can?

you have a fountain that dispenses pop? Wtf? Why haven't Canada obtained any of these?Frankly, I like canned pop best. It's usually the coldest, and it doesn't go flat like it does from a two-litre.

When are the best times to drink water (I don't like drinking it during a meal, has no taste)?

When You're Thirsty... :)Water can have Taste. Just get those "Stir it up Singles" things. I Drink Water with EVERY Meal. Ok , it's Really Flavored Water , because I use those , but it's still Wate... Read More »

When drinking brandy and wine during the same evening, which one would be better to drink first?

The one with the highest alcohol content goes first, followed by the lower one. So, brandy first, then wine.This is not an old wives' tale. It has to do with how your stomach reacts to higher alc... Read More »

Question for women. toothache or child birth I was to;d today that toothache is worse. What do you think?

I would imagine if both were drug free that toothache would be worse. I have had six children, the first boy (9lb 30z) was excrutiatingly painful even though i had everything i could including an e... Read More »