Tooth problem?

Answer Probably an abcess. You do really need to see the dentist because it can get much worse.

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"i just had my tooth capped yesterday.closing my lips a problem. mycapped tooth is loose watshould i do?

go to your dentist again and ask to cement the tooth again for free!

Omg please help me, tooth problem!!!?

call up and book a check up, no harm done haha. i wanna become a dentist. when i hear this stuff i just want to have a look. damn im scared though. what if your breath smells ans stuff

Will braces fix my tooth problem?

Yes the braces will be able to fix this problem as your mouth has problem of crowding and there is space deficiency.However the dentist will be able to fix this problem with the braces.And u dont n... Read More »

Sensitive Tooth problem?

First option, go see a dentist, see if it has enamel damage or wear. Or some nerve problem.Second option, start using Sensodyne Toothpaste.