Tooth hurting extremely bad on cold water?

Answer Sensitive gums. I get that too. Try some sensitive toothpaste

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My tooth hurts when I drink cold water?

you could have a cavity or sensitive teeth usually hurt for a few weeks after going to the dentist especially cold things make them hurt then things will start settling down after awhile.y... Read More »

Why is your home refrigerator not cold but the freezer section is extremely cold?

AnswerPossible causes:vents between fridge and freezer sections are clogged with ice. Warranty guy told me to unplug 24 hours, replug and everything should work out.Fautly thermostatClogged/dirty e... Read More »

After dentist tested tooth with a really cold chemical, tooth is sensitive?

That chemical was extremely cold carbon dioxide. It will go back to normal soon.

Back tooth hurting really bad?

Hi fella.......Sounds to me like your wisdom teeth are trying to come through and they are "impacted". 99% of adults do not have jaws large enough to allow the wisdom teeth to break through succe... Read More »