Tooth extraction, is my socket infected?

Answer Maybe.Better get it checked out.Bit had to tell without seeing it.Rinse in Celtic sea salt( or Himalayan Rock salt) and warm water in the meantime.

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How to Prevent Dry Socket After a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth Extraction SocketDry socket after tooth extraction is one of the most troublesome condition dreaded by patients as well as dentists. Following some simple instructions and taking a few precau... Read More »

Infected tooth extraction help?

Antibiotics will take 3/4 days to work. if you have a tooth pulled with an infection this can go into your blood stream, then you really will be in trouble.Take the pills and have some patience.for... Read More »

How is a puncture into the nasal cavity from a dry socket following a tooth extraction fixed?

Answer Usually you are given antibiotics to ward off any infection. And it will usually fix itself. That is my understanding. Answer A small surgical procedure is sometimes necessary to close t... Read More »

Is it normal to have an infected impacted wisdom tooth pulled without any antibiotics prescribed before or after the extraction?

Answer It can be done without antibiotics before (had all four of mine pulled without them, and two were infected) but they should give you something to take afterwards to treat the infection. If n... Read More »