Tools to Solve Word Problems?

Answer Word problems are where math meets the real world. There is a very specific set of skills needed to solve word problems -- the skills for turning English into mathematics. One of the key elements i... Read More »

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How to Solve Mixture Word Problems?

We've all had to contend with problems in algebra called "word problems." A typical word problem entails mixing solutions of given strengths to get a certain quantity of mixture at a desired streng... Read More »

How to Solve Geometric Word Problems?

Geometric word problems involve solving parts of a question concerning pieces of a basic shape. The question will ask students to determine the length of a side, the area within a shape, the circum... Read More »

How to Use Ratio & Percent to Solve Word Problems?

Suppose you have a cake recipe calling for three cups of flour and one cup of sugar, and you wanted to double it to make two cakes. You know that you would have to double all of the ingredients ---... Read More »

How to Solve Word Problems Involving Time?

Oh, the joys of homework. It comes home with the children and they ask for help. Word problems can be difficult for early readers if their reading skills are not strong, because they don't grasp wh... Read More »