Tools to Remove a Trojan?

Answer A trojan horse or trojan takes its name from the story of Troy. The Greek army is said to have invaded the city by hiding inside a giant wooden horse, which the Trojans voluntarily brought inside t... Read More »

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Trojan Horse Vundo Removal Tools?

Vundo, also known as Vundo.b and Vundo.Celldorado, is a common Trojan Horse virus that affects the Windows operating system. Once it has infected your computer, Vundo causes a host of problems. For... Read More »

How to remove trojan tj/bz ?

What you need is an antivirus program to erradicate that trojan. Here's some of them:AVG Antivirus Free (…Norton's Antivirus ( Read More »

How to Remove an EXE Trojan?

The Greeks used a hollow wooden horse to sneak their army into Troy to overrun the Trojan forces and win the war. Thus, the Trojan Horse was born. Nowadays, Trojan viruses use a similar tactic of h... Read More »

How do i remove trojan.w32?

Stop Trojan ProcessesStop any Trojan processes that are running in your computer's memory by pressing "CTRL+ALT+DELETE." Windows Task Manager will open. Click on "Processes," then type "Trojan" int... Read More »