Tools to Remove Cam Seals?

Answer Camshaft seals, often just called "cam seals," fit around a vehicle's camshaft and prevent oil from leaking onto the engine. Leaking oil in your engine is expensive, dangerous and very smelly. The ... Read More »

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How to Remove Motorcycle Fork Seals?

Forks on a motorcycle are the two metal rods between which the front tire is mounted. The forks are also the shocks for the front tire. The seals are the plastic rings in the center of the forks th... Read More »

How do I remove paint from outside window seals?

Remove Loose DirtUse a clean paintbrush to brush out loose dirt from the painted seals. Fill a small plastic sprayer with water and a squirt or two of liquid dish washing soap. Spray the mixture on... Read More »

How to Use Heat to Remove Fork Seals?

As a biker, you're no stranger to keeping your machine looking great and performing well. But just as important as that new paint job or detail work is ensuring that you're in for a safe ride. When... Read More »

How do you remove black mould stains from fridge seals?

To clean your fridge seals use 2parts baking soda, one part coarse salt and 1or2 Tbl white vinegar. Scrub along seals with and old toothbrush{don't forget the bottom edge] Rinse well with plain wat... Read More »