Tools to Measure Distances?

Answer Whether you need to measure your waist size or determine the length of your driveway, accurate distance measuring tools are important. Choose a measurement tool based on the estimated length of the... Read More »

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How to Measure Distances?

Distance is a quantity (or number) that refers to how far apart two objects are. When describing how two objects are separated, it is important to come up with a description that can be understood ... Read More »

What is used to measure distances in space?

Astronomers use stellar parallax to measure the distance between distant objects in space. Stellar parallax is the apparent movement of a star as compared to more distant stars while the Earth rota... Read More »

What is used to measure huge distances?

When dealing with distances in Earth's solar system, scientists usually use astronomical units (AU)--equal to 150 million kilometers, according to NASA. Outside of the solar system, you have to use... Read More »

How do I measure distances on a globe?

Place one edge of a piece of string on the first location on the globe. Stretch the string to another location on the globe. Mark the point on the string where it touches the second location. Place... Read More »