Tools to Hot Flush a Transmission?

Answer The Hot Flush transmission flushing machine allows an auto service technician to flush a transmission while the liquid in the transmission is still hot. The heat is absorbed and exchanged inside th... Read More »

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Transmission Flush Tools?

Transmission flush tools are used to process the fluids that are required for the proper operation of a transmission. Transmission flushes are a part of car maintenance. Removing the debris from a ... Read More »

DIY Transmission Flush?

Regular automotive maintenance can get expensive, but it also can be expensive to repair a vehicle because of neglect. If you would rather do your own work instead of paying someone to do it, you m... Read More »

Why Do I Need a Transmission Flush?

There are differing opinions about whether a transmission flush is needed for a car or not. A flush can be an effective way to clean out the transmission of any buildup, if it is done effectively. ... Read More »

How Often to do a Transmission Flush?

Cars with automatic transmissions use a substance called transmission fluid, which must remain relatively clean for proper performance. Regular transmission flushes replace all of the fluid, instea... Read More »