Tools to Disconnect a Fuel Filter?

Answer There was a time when just a screw driver would take care of changing a fuel filter or maybe a wrench for a carburetor fuel filter--in many older vehicles this is still true. Most newer vehicles, t... Read More »

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How to Use a Quick Disconnect for a Fuel Filter?

The fuel filter is the part of your car's fuel system that cleans out the fuel before it is burned in the pistons of the engine. This helps keep any impurities out of the engine, where they can bui... Read More »

How to Remove a GM Quick-Disconnect Fuel Filter?

The fuel filter on newer GM vehicles uses a quick-disconnect fitting to make removal and installation of the filter easier. Although in theory it makes it easier, it's not always obvious how these ... Read More »

How to Remove a Quick Disconnect Fuel Filter?

The fuel filter is the last step in the protection of the fuel system before it reaches the motor. The first step is a strainer that is in the fuel tank. In the event any debris gets past the strai... Read More »

Fuel Filter Removal Tools?

The fuel filter on most cars must be replaced about once a year or every 12,000 miles. While this is one piece of automobile maintenance that the average person can perform, it will not be easy goi... Read More »