Tools to Cut Engine Push Rods?

Answer Push rods are metal tubes used in some engines to operate the lifters that open the engine valves. Push rod engines were common in American cars in the 1980s. When the import cars began using diffe... Read More »

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How Do I Adjust Push Rods on a 5.7 Chevrolet 350 Engine With It Running?

Push rods are hollow tubes that connect the motion of the camshaft to the opening and closing of the valves, through a rocker arm. They also provide a path of oil to keep everything lubricated. A... Read More »

How to Install Car Push Rods?

The push rods in your car work to actuate the rocker arms in the engine. The rocker arms in turn operate the valves, opening and closing the intake and exhaust valve to complete the combustion proc... Read More »

How to Adjust Push Rods for a Harley?

Harley-Davidson adjustable push rods allow for the use of non-stock or performance cams. These types of cams will have different profiles than the stock cams with variations in lift and base circle... Read More »

How to Adjust Adjustable Push Rods?

Adjusting the push rods on a motorcycle engine can result in significant power gains and better performance. The process can be moderately challenging but is usually successfully completed with the... Read More »