Tools to Clear out Urinals?

Answer The internal components of a urinal differ somewhat from a conventional toilet, but cleaning and unclogging the appliances is a similar undertaking. Over time, urine solids and minerals from hard w... Read More »

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Why is ice put in urinals?

While it is far more common to see chemically-made deodorizers (called "cakes") in urinals, some restaurants and bars use ice instead. This is not the norm, but ice can be a sanitary alternative to... Read More »

How Do Flushless Urinals Work?

Urinals consume a lot of water---about one gallon per flush. Seventeen percent of water in restrooms in public and commercial buildings is used to flush urinals, according to a 2005 study published... Read More »

Do urinals require a washdown?

You should wash down your urinal at least once a week if you have one in your home or office (daily if the urinal is used frequently in a large workplace). Use a disinfectant, and make sure to wear... Read More »

Why do some restaurants put ice in urinals?

Here are some theories I've seen:The melting ice acts as a slow, continuous flushIce cools the air around the urinal. Cool air sinks, which serves to contain the smellCold discourages drain fliesFu... Read More »