Tools of the Milliners in Colonial Times?

Answer In colonial times, most people could not afford to replace their clothes when they wore down. The milliner was responsible for taking these older garments and transforming them into new clothes. Mi... Read More »

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What were houses like in colonial times?

Colonists traveling to America in the 1600s had to rely on their skills to build homes for their families. These often started out as no more than small shelters from the elements, Indians and wild... Read More »

How were candles made in Colonial times?

Candles in colonial times were primarily made using tallow (animal fat), along with flax, hemp or cotton wicks. Other materials included bayberries, whale oil and beeswax. Candles were typically pr... Read More »

About Religion in Connecticut During Colonial Times?

There were many changes in the course of religion among the colonies during the 17th and 18th centuries. Religion was not just a spiritual or personal decision; it also had a political dimension an... Read More »

What is an extended family in colonial times?

No, a blood relative is someone who is descended from someone that you are also descended from. A brother-in-law is related to you in that way.