Tools for an Arch Massage?

Answer The human foot consists of 24 bones that form two arches: longitudinal (which runs the length of the foot) and transverse (which runs across the foot.) These arches, along with muscles and a tissue... Read More »

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How to Massage the Arch of the Foot?

The arch of the foot not only holds the weight of our bodies day in and day out, the feet also tend to hold the majority of our tension. A quality foot massage can help to increase circulation and ... Read More »

Percussion Massage Tools?

Getting a massage is the perfect way to loosen up after a stressful day. Percussive massages increase blood flow to tense muscles. That increased blood flow helps relax muscles and reduce pain. A p... Read More »

Muscle Massage Tools?

Muscle massage tools allow users to relieve tension and aching in the muscles. Ergonomically designed to reach hard-to-reach areas such as deep muscle fibers and the upper back, many massage tools ... Read More »

Hair Massage Tools?

Hair massage, also referred to as scalp massage, is both relaxing and beneficial for the health of your hair and scalp. Like back and shoulder massages, hair massages stimulate blood flow. The bloo... Read More »