Tools for Lifting Vehicles?

Answer When repairing a vehicle, a mechanic often needs to be able to work conveniently under the vehicle. While some of the engine can be accessed through the hood, other parts can only be accessed from ... Read More »

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Glass Lifting Tools?

Installing or moving glass made for storefronts or decorative home décor often includes lifting devices such as glass lifting tools. These handheld tools require manual operation and help avoid an... Read More »

Engine Lifting Tools?

When an automobile needs to have extensive repair work completed, or when a car's engine needs to be replaced, a car mechanic must use an engine-lifting tool. Depending on the overall size and weig... Read More »

If your commercial policy on business vehicles is cancelled for a DUI where can you find coverage for other drivers of your vehicles?

Hi,I'm 18 and with Quinn insurance, this covers me to drive someone elses vehicle on a third party basis (I requested this over the phone so doubt if it is standard). However the premiums are very ... Read More »

If you have two vehicles insured by the same company and back into one of them will they pay for the damage to both vehicles?

Answer Check your policy. It probably has an exclusion for any damage caused by another vehicle owned or operated by anyone on the policy. Otherwise, everyone with a junker would be ramming into ... Read More »