Tools for Diagnosing Car Problems?

Answer The automobile has evolved from a simplistic machine requiring a few hand tools to maintain into a complex, computer-controlled vehicle. The modern car requires a wide array of tools for a mechanic... Read More »

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Tools to Solve Word Problems?

Word problems are where math meets the real world. There is a very specific set of skills needed to solve word problems -- the skills for turning English into mathematics. One of the key elements i... Read More »

How to Fix Engine Oil Pressure Problems Without Tools or a Mechanic?

If you can open the hood, check the oil, and take the oil cap off, you might fix your problem by spending less than $5.

The Most Common Way of Diagnosing Skin Disease?

The skin regulates body temperature and protects the body against the attack of viruses and bacteria. Its constant exposure to contaminants and irritants makes it prone to diseases. Immediate diagn... Read More »

Question about diagnosing a plumbing issue?

You might check to see if there's a pressure reducing valve on the incoming water. It looks like this: fail from time to time. You might also check to make su... Read More »