Tools Used for Building Pyramids?

Answer Pyramids are truly impressive structures. Thousands of years ago, machinery and power tools didn't exist. Pyramids were built by hand, using only primitive tools. Despite this, workers were able to... Read More »

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Teaching Ideas on Building Pyramids?

The pyramids still stand as a great testament to human knowledge, ability and resourcefulness. According to National Geographic, they were not actually built by slaves. The manual labor required ut... Read More »

School Projects for Building Pyramids?

In studying the ancient architecture of pyramids, many teachers assign the students a hands-on project to recreate one. With a little imagination, students can construct these buildings from any so... Read More »

When did egyptians stop building pyramids?

The ancient Egyptians stopped building pyramids in the 1500s BC. The last pyramid was built during the reign of Pharaoh Ahmose, founder of the New Kingdom, who ruled from 1550 to 1525 BC.Source:Tou... Read More »

How many people died building the Pyramids?

When the pyramids were under construction in Egypt, no known death records were kept. The only figures that exist are estimates for the number of people, approximated in the thousands, who died whi... Read More »