Tools Needed to Change Brakes?

Answer Brake repairs are commonly performed by do-it-yourselfers armed with the proper tools and a little know-how. While some of the tools required may cost more than the labor charges for one brake job,... Read More »

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Tools Needed for Saturn Ion Brakes?

There are various reasons you may want to work on your Saturn Ion brakes, including indications of low brake fluid, power brake failure and loud noises from the braking system. Squeaking brakes may... Read More »

Tools Needed to Repair a 1998 Dakota's Brakes?

A 1998 Dodge Dakota has a brake structure similar to other American-made vehicles and only requires a few basic tools to repair the brakes. While the tools are simple, it's important to gather ever... Read More »

Tools Needed for an Oil Change?

For most vehicle models, replacing the engine oil requires minimal tools, which you may find at your local auto parts store. These are common tools, but they may be the most important tools you own... Read More »

Tools Needed to Change a Car Battery?

If your car battery will not hold a charge despite repeated use of jumper cables, a new battery may be needed. Failure to start or a reading below 12.4 on a voltmeter is a good indication that repl... Read More »