Took laxatives and drank prune juice!?

Answer Eliminating a large backlog or buildup in the colon is a normal reaction.

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Is it dangerous to take stool softeners laxatives and prune juice at the same time.?

Of course it is. The best plan is the mildest one. Eat a number of prunes (the juice doesn't work as well, you need the fiber), drink plenty of water, and walk around a lot. The combination of fibe... Read More »

I took som suppository ( laxatives ) and...?

If you used the suppositories for constipation, then there will be a bit of stool still waiting to get out and it will eventually stop.

I thoughti was constipated so I took laxatives but I still can't go what else could be wrong?

Drink more water. And prune juice. That's what I used in hospital after my three abdominal surgeries. Worked better than the pills they gave me. If you are that constipated, then you need to eat mo... Read More »

Why is prune juice called prune juice?

The reason its called "prune juice" is just condensed more than plum juice. Its kinda hard to explain....if you squeeze a plum, you get semi-clear liquid.But if you squeeze a prune, you get like a ... Read More »