Took an elbow to the this normal?

Answer Sounds like your lip hit your teeth and got cut. That's probably where the blood came from. Can you see an abrasion on the inside of your lip? If you have a headache for more than a day, you may wa... Read More »

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I just took 4 shots of vodka and I haven't got a buzz yet. Is this normal?

Maybe you already have a high tolerance for vodka. I'm pretty sure this is not your first time to drink it.

I took Molly and Adderall last week, will I pass my drug test that I took this morning?

Both are amphetamines or are related to amphetamines and both generaly clear out of your system within a few days. Drinking lots of fluids will just dilute your sample and make it come back as flus... Read More »

What do you think of this PG test I took this morning....Pic included!?

Scraped my elbow is this enough?

Washing with soap and water would have been a good first step.The hydrogen peroxide was a good idea for this kind of wound; the value for cleaning outweighs the slight bit of tissue damage.You and ... Read More »