Too much milk to drink?

Answer Drink much more than 16-24 ounces of milk each day can have problems with constipation.Eat moderate amounts. 3 servings a day provides enough calcium for your body. e.g. 200ml glass of milk, a smal... Read More »

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I drink too much milk?

That's very healthy. You get calcium, protein, Vitamins D and A - among many other nutrients.Many people who don't know any better pay extra to buy vitamins or vitamin enriched drinks (Pediasure f... Read More »

How much do you like to drink milk?

How much milk does a baby cow drink per day?

A baby cow, or calf, drinks about 4 qts. of milk or reconstituted milk replacer per day, according to Calf Notes. Calves that have been separated from their mothers can be fed 4 qts. once a day or ... Read More »

What happens if you drink too much milk?

Milk should be drank in moderate amounts.Too much milk can result in the body having excess vitamin A, which can interfere with growth, stop menstruation, damage red blood corpuscles, and cause ski... Read More »