Too many programs running at start up?

Answer Yeah, you can run MSCONFIG, but you may have other problems that are slowing your computer way down.The best thing to do is have a professional look at your system and see if there are any malware ... Read More »

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How to Check Programs Running at Start Up?

You may notice that a certain program is always open and running whenever you start up your computer. This is because that particular program is inside the Startup Menu that is in your computer's o... Read More »

How do i see what programs are running.?

64 bit computer now running programs *32 ?

Many programs are still running in 32-bit. Some 64-bit programs still have some 32-bit components. This is not a problem. As time goes by you will begin to see less of those programs with the *32 d... Read More »

Locate and close running programs?

The problem that you have stated does not seem to be related to a program.When you are playing music, it seems that you have your browser also opened and this ad plays in it. So, I suggest you to i... Read More »