Tongue exercise Video, 4 a child that has a speech problem?

Answer I have 2 cd's that I bought for my son. They have interactive computer skills also. They are called Speechercise. they are from the company Twin Sisters. I have one for 3-6 year olds and one fo... Read More »

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Any ideas on helping a preschool child with a speech problem?

You need to talk with that "help." Is it an aid or a speech therapist? You should have a copy of the IEP or educational plan that was worked out with the school. You should have received some s... Read More »

How do i fix my pc, it beeps 3 times (long), which means that it's a memory/video problem. But how do i fix it?

if your motherboard has a jumper for your cmos settings. use the jumper to clear it. and hook up the monitor to the onboard video card slot.leave the other video card out of the the board.if you c... Read More »

Has anyone had the a problem in a 2002 Jetta that the Child safety lock is stuck on after a battery power loss?

i 1st let my child stay home when he was 8 but i left my rockweeler babysitting him i never did see poor timmy again :(

Could you help locate in video or script the funny 2008 Commencement Speech given by Rob Schneider that was on Leno's Tonight Show May 19 2008?

Believe it or not, you can try or They have quite a few old TV commercials and out-takes from TV shows.