Tongue exercise Video, 4 a child that has a speech problem?

Answer I have 2 cd's that I bought for my son. They have interactive computer skills also. They are called Speechercise. they are from the company Twin Sisters. I have one for 3-6 year olds and one fo... Read More »

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Any ideas on helping a preschool child with a speech problem?

You need to talk with that "help." Is it an aid or a speech therapist? You should have a copy of the IEP or educational plan that was worked out with the school. You should have received some s... Read More »

I bite my tongue in my sleep. Anyone else have this problem?

oh my goodness...i have the exact same problem...only i bit my cheeks and tounge and drew blood...but i found that if u go to walgreens or some store like that and get a retainer like thing called ... Read More »

Youtube video problem or Flash player problem?

From the sound of it, I'm pretty sure the problem is with Firefox.I suggest restart Firefox with add-ons disabled. Just go to Help icon on the upper left side of your Firefox browser and then tick ... Read More »

Speech problem with 4 year old?

A lot of children are quite late in learning to speak.Have you tried using "Jolly Phonics" system with him?? I have worked with a number of children age 4/5yrs whom have had speech difficulties and... Read More »