Tongue burn?

Answer Eat something that you dont like at all then that would make your taste buds "mad" and the burn will go away

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Can pineapple burn your tongue?

It's an acidic fruit, so yes. It probably wasn't very ripe too.

Why do I burn my tongue drinking hot tea and others don't?

Don't worry, I'm from Argentina and the first time I drank "mate" I also burned my tongue, LOL! If your tongue is very sensitive, you can ask to your girlfriend to drink "Tereré".http://en.wikip... Read More »

Do you get blisters on your tongue when you burn it?

Answeryes... i just recently burnt my tongue (2 days ago) and now i have a blister on my toungue.SO YES>>>> you usually get a blister on your toungue if you burn it.

Why does your tongue sting/ burn when you put it on both tips of a 9 volt battery?

This is the "old fashioned" way to check a 9-volt battery! Putting your tongue to it completes the circuit between the positive and negative terminal on the battery. If the battery is dead, you w... Read More »