Tone & Mood Word Activities?

Answer Tone is the author's attitude toward the writing, and mood is the general atmosphere created by the words. When it comes to language arts, understanding the tone and mood of a piece of literature c... Read More »

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What is the tone or mood of Jane Eyre?

Bronte's tone in Jane Eyre is reflective of Jane's suffering; what is going on with Jane in her life/head, etc.

What is Oprah Winfreys word choice and tone when speaking in the obama ucla rally?

How to Remember the Consequences of Mood Using the MOOD Acronym?

The kind of mood you're in can have many consequences. They not only change due to some recent happening but could be the result of some past event too. They have, as such, the capacity to alter ou... Read More »

How many calories has a tone of wood pellets and a tone of a gas?

Wood pellets are expressed in Btu's per lb. The typical is 8400/Btu's/lb. 1 BTU = 251.995761111111 Calories One Ton of Wood Pellets would be 8400/lb times 2000 lbs or 16.8 million Btu's/ton 16.8 ... Read More »