Tomorrow me and my friends are doing hookah, is it safe?

Answer This sounds like a very ill-conceived plan. In other words, I recommend you NOT do this.Drawing smoke into the lungs is never harmless. Never.

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Is smoking hookah sticks bad 4 me Iv been doing it latly n they r great to use but I wann no if they r bad?

I want to be a vegan how do i start doing this i am starting tomorrow?

You shouldn't just decide to go from omnivore to vegan overnight. I'm so happy you want to be vegan, being vegan myself, but it takes time to change your diet. Change it too fast and your body will... Read More »

Can i search my friends on facebook by doing this?

ofc u can, but they must put that information on their profile! :)

I have friends coming to dinner tomorrow any idea what I can cook?

Why don't you do a roast chicken or if you don't fancy doing that why not try one of the following that I like to cook and they are easy recipesChicken Paprika4 part-boned chicken breasts or 8 thig... Read More »